Challenge after understanding

Original Post : A Korean microblogging service sees two of its users getting married

Me2day, just like Twitter, seems to follow the right path. The only concern I have is, compared to Twitter, Me2day’s core users could be too small in numbers because the service is only offered in Korean. In fact, that’s the same kind of limitation that works against our company as well. Which is why we should have “globalize or die” mentality

As it is mentioned widely in certain marketing theories – Purple cow, Blue Ocean and etc. – ‘different market conditions’ can give great chance to business – the ‘differentiation’.

Moreover, some ‘cultural specialties’ protect some start-ups because English base star-up teams can’t make efficient strategies to Korean market. 

(Yeh, that’s right. They may don’t need Korean market. But don’t consider that kind of views in this article.)

But anyway, small IT business market size (or user pool) in Korea gives certain limitation of growth (or chasm) to start-up ventures – this is exactly what I concern about in these days.

Globalize or die strategy is very desirable thing to Korean IT start-up teams including my company, but I’m afraid that it’s really not easy to Koreans make and maintain successful web service targeted to global market.

I learned that from my full time job – global targeted community portal.


We have to understand SW(+OT) of us. We have to know about ourselves first.
Though with these inevitable things people or team dreaming about great company should keep challenging to our goal.


‘Good to Great’