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  • Work for ‘Student TFT’ under SAMSUNG Electronics Marketing Communication Group in 2003
  • 10th President of ‘Seoul National University Student Venture Network'(SNUSV.net) in 2004
  • Presentation Panel of MIT Global Startup Workshop in 2004, 2005 and 2011
  • Founder and CEO of mobile device development company CIZIX corp. (2005 ~ 2006)
  • Founder and manager of web search engine company Rebi corp. (2007 ~ 2007)
  • Manager of Gretech well known as GOM Player (2008 ~ 2010)
  • Founder and CEO of Pristones Corp. (2011 ~ present)
  • Alumni of Seoul National University Kendo Team


Business Startups, Strategy, IT business, Noblesse oblige, Automobile, Electronic devices, Aero-spacecraft, Entertainment include music and movies, Marketing strategy, Entrepreneurship and …


Discuss about business, Music and movies, Travel alone, Imagine something, Kendo, Good books, Cool Summer night, Diversities, Cats and…

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