Use HTML in phpBB – Especially for YouTube

One of the most famous free community making tools – phpBB doesn’t allow HTML code after its version 3.0.
We can use HTML code after setting several options in phpBB’s Administrator Control Panel (= ACP) in version 2.xx
but it have been totally disabled to use for security reasons.


So we have to make our own BBCode instead of using original HTML.

(See here : BBCode guide)



How to make own YouTube BBCode?
1. Log-in as phpBB administrator
2. Administration Control Panel > Posting > BBCode > Add a new BBCode
3. BBCode Usage

4. HTML replacement

5. Help line


Custom BBCodes
: Please be sure not to use parameter ‘{SIMPLETEXT}’ used there. phpBB 3.0 can’t understand that. Use ‘{TEXT}’ instead. I have suffered some problem with this. 🙂

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